Hi!  This is Wayne Moore.  I closed Ducy Lee Recordings January 1st, 2012.  I loved running this company for nearly 16 years.  But times have changed and the ways people get the music they want have changed too. 
A lot of the CDs I offered here can still be found at
where I'm also selling my own music on CDs
and you can download individual tracks
and get the sheet music. 
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My new album of Spirit Songs - "DREAM BIG" is now available from this website only.  The previous Spirit Songs CD "What My Heart Already Knows" was so popular, a 2nd CD was a must.  For more information:


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My name is WAYNE MOORE.  I'm a "Slash" - Songwriter/Singer/Actor/Musical Director - but songwriting always comes first.  I founded this company in order to record not only my own music but the songs of other new writers of music for the theater and for cabaret ... the Gershwins, Porters and Berlins of today.  There is a great wealth of wonderful new material being written ... but unless you're lucky enough to be in the little nightclub or small theater the night someone sings one of these gems, you'll never hear it. 

I want to correct that.

No matter what style of music I tried to write in, my songs have always sounded like they came from a Broadway show.  I finally decided to specialize in theater music - like I had a choice!  I've been producing and writing for lots of other people here in Los Angeles for years. (see Bio/Discography) Now - with my own little company! - I can indulge my passion for recording anything I want!  If you love theater music as much as I do, welcome!

"DUCY LEE" ("doo-see lee") was the name of my grandfather's sailboat. Charles Overholtzer and his wife Viola - a great bass singer and his accompanist - were my first and finest musical inspirations. This company and this website are dedicated to them.

Her First Roman

There's No Place Like Hollywood

Billy Barnes' Divas
What My Heart Already Knows

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